Language Coaching Academy
About us
The Language Coaching Academy is based in Prague, the Czech Republic.
It offers online courses for teachers, polyglots, and language school leaders, providing training in coaching skills as well as systemic and technological innovations for language learning projects with clients.

The Academy's trainers include polyglots, ICF-certified coaches and coach-mentors, supervisors, and masters of transformational games.

Graduates of the Language Coaching Academy incorporate coaching into their existing work formats and guide clients through comprehensive projects to achieve their language goals.
The primary tool in such projects is the coaching method, complemented by a system
of proprietary developments of the Academy.

The Language Coaching & Innovations program of the Academy is accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation). Graduates of the Academy get International Certification.

The programs are conducted in English and Russian.
The first step - Language Coaching & Innovations course
The second step - Course PRO
The third step - Course Scaling
COMBO packages
An original deck of metaphorical cards "Obsticles and Resources in Language Acquisition"
The deck is available in Russian and English
"Speak a foreign language in 3 months"
Choosing the path for language learning
A two-hour workshop with your students or teachers
Transformational coaching game
Who We Are
  • Anna Bakova
    Founder, Language Coach, Mentor & Supervisor
  • Natasha Sedlmeier
    Language Coach, Mentor & Supervisor
  • Elvira Glazkova
    Language Coach, Mentor & Supervisor
  • Ekaterina Vasilieva
    Marketing Director, Customer Support
  • Tatiana Repina
    Administrator, Customer Support
Contact us
+420 737 471 664 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

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