Anna Bakova
Language coach & supervisor helping language learners and teachers reach their goals fast and pleasant way.

Combination of coaching and psychological methods, mnemonics and other accelerators.

Coaching and psychological methods course for teachers of foreign languages.
About me
My name is Anna Bakova. I'm the owner of Language Coaching Academy in Prague focusing on coaching and psychological methods to help language learners remove barriers and achieve their language goals fast and pleasant way.

I'm also a specialist in mnemonics, rapid memorization and focusing techniques. Project management is another important part of my program for language learners and teachers. Another innovation that I love is metaphors and metaphorical cards.

I speak 9 languages and I'm constantly learning new ones.
    I graduated in Philology - Leningrad State University named after A.S. Pushkin, St. Petersburg (Russia) in 2004. I also got MBA in General Management - Czech Management Institute in Prague (Czechia) in 2015.

    Before launching my own Language Coaching Academy, I had worked 12 years in international companies at senior positions managing teams and innovation development. Having worked in teams of 50 different nationalities in Nestle company I developed my cultural intelligence and coaching skills.

    Additionally, I accomplished coaching & supervision program of ICF (International Coaching Federation) standards.

    Phone: +420 737 471 664
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